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How it Works

Step 1: Tell us about your job requirements:

  • You give us the job description such as required skills, desirable skills, working hours, attributes...

Step 2: We shortlist candidates in the Philippines who meet your job description:

  • We make sure they are qualified, and have excellent English speaking skills.
  • We send you a list of resumes at your email address to review.

Step 3: You interview the candidates through Skype and make a selection:

  • You interview the candidates through Skype. There is no cost to interview.
  • If you are satisfied with a particular person, you let us know. If you are not satisfied, we will send you more resumes.

Step 4: Hire a candidate:

  • We give you access to time tracking tools so you can monitor your contractor in real-time.
  • Pay only for hours that you require.
  • No minimum hours.
  • Only 24 hour termination notice required!

Step 5: You collaborate with your staff through Skype, CRM, email, and time tracking tools:

  • Your staff member begins work from home in your time-zone. We make sure they have a stable internet connection, computer, and necessary tools loaded on the computer.
  • You can collaborate with your staff through Skype, webcam, chat, email, and project management tools.
  • You can login into our control panel and see 5 minute computer screen-shots, activity log, internet log...
  • We monitor daily to make sure your staff is working the required hours, and reporting on time.
  • At all times, we support you 24x7.

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