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Cool Pixels is a 100% Australian owned business. We have a staff of 28 people working for us in the Philippines. At the time of writing, we have 90 clients in Australia, USA, and the UK employing 141 offshore staff members.


Why the Philippines?

We believe in the offshoring business because of the enormous talent pool in the Philippines. According to a recent survey, there are 12.1 million Filipinos looking for work! You can always find educated staff with the required skills.

The Philippines is the 4th largest Christian country in the world and the culture is very similar to Australia. Filipinos start speaking English from an early age. Many are working with multinational companies so they have proper training and excellent English speaking skills. Internet connectivity is stable with fast broadband speeds. Approximately, the cost savings are in the range of 80% compared to Australia.

Our core values are as follows:

Always maintain the highest level of integrity and honesty towards all people.
Always be ready to help our customers with all matters of outsourcing.
Support offshore staff with proper tools and guidance.
Maintain the highest level of privacy.
Maintain a strong work-ethic. Be on time and treat others with respect.
Never comprise on quality. Be firm but fair.
Educate on matters related to outsourcing and offshoring.

Our Advantages


Providing a mechanism for building trust between the client and offshore staff


Hiring the best talent and training staff on privacy, best practices, and Australian culture.


Educating employers in Australia on how to manage their offshore staff and maximise output.

Our Management Team






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