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Hire Skilled & Educated Virtual Assistants

Free yourself from admin tasks so you can focus on growing your business

Pay just $7/hour for staff that matches your requirements.

We do background checks and verification.

Online assistant works in your time zone.

Pay only for hours worked. No minimum hours.

Conduct free interviews.

Trusted by hundreds of SMEs in Australia and the US.

We are a 100% Australian owned business.

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We are happy with the services offered by Cool Pixels. The VA is handling much of our back-end workload such as posting properties, managing emails, social media updates, updating CRM... Happy to provide a reference!

Scott Stuart - Principal
Real Estate

Our payroll expenses have reduced by over $170,000. We are paying $7/hour for staff that would cost at least $60/hour in Australia! The work-ethic of the Filipino staff is excellent.

Allan McKenna - CEO
Modulus Software Systems

I never knew hiring a virtual assistant could free up so much of my time. I can now focus on expanding my business while delegating admin related tasks to my VA. Overall, we are very pleased with the results.

David - Owner
Travel Express