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Hire a Virtual Assistant for just $5/hour !

arrow We only hire staff with Excellent English speaking skills.

arrow Never pay for sick leave, holidays, lunch break, or pension.

arrow Free online monitoring tools.

arrow Free Interview. No recruitment cost. No Setup fee.

arrow Only 24 hour termination notice required.

arrow We are a 100% Australian Owned Business.

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Our Customers Say.....

"Our payroll expenses have reduced by over $170,000. We are paying $5/hour for a web developer that would cost at least $60/hour in Australia! The work-ethic of the Filipino staff is excellent."

Allan McKenna - CEO
Modulus Software Systems

"I never knew hiring a virtual assistant could free up so much of my time. I can now focus on expanding my business while delegating admin related tasks to my VA. Overall, we are very pleased with the results."

David - Senior HR Manager
Travel Express

"Our company is using telemarketers to generate leads for the last six months. The leads are of high quality. Due to the efforts of Cool Pixels, we have signed up many new customers and managed to grow our business."

Peter Mitchell - Project Manager
Nova Engineering

Your Competitors are Saving 80% on Labour Costs. Why Aren't You?

Staff Pricing - Hourly Rate in AUD
Virtual Assistant $5 / hr Telemarketer $5 / hr
Website Designer $5 / hr SEO $5 / hr
Debt Collector $5 / hr Customer Service $5 / hr
Bookkeeper $5 / hr Technical Support $5 / hr
Website Developer $5 / hr PHP Developer $5 / hr
.Net Developer $6 / hr Microsoft Certified $6 / hr
C++ Developer $6 / hr Mobile App Developer $7 / hr
Cisco Certified $8 / hr Accountant $10 / hr

For more, see our Staff Pricing page.

How it Works?

arrow Easy and Hassle-Free

  • Pay Just $5/hour for full time or part-time staff with 5 years experience.
  • Free Interview of Candidates.
  • Staff works from home in your time-zone.
  • Only 24 hour termination notice.
  • Collaborate with your staff through Skype, webcam, and our tools.

arrow No Fees

  • No setup fees, no hidden fees, no interview fee.
  • No recruitment fees.
  • We manage payroll for free and make sure your staff is on time.
  • You only pay for hours worked.

How We Support You?

arrow Our Monitoring Tools

  • View 5 minute screenshots of your staff's computer screen.
  • Monitor staff with our online tools and view daily activity reports.
  • We ensure your staff has proper a home working environment.

arrow We Manage Payroll

  • We manage payroll for free and pay your staff on time.
  • We educate your staff on best working practices, and work ethics.
  • We ensure your staff has the proper equipment to do the work.

Hire in Philippines or India:

arrow Choose Filipinos or Indians to work for you !



  • Filipinos have a soft and neutral English accent.
  • Filipinos are able to deal with difficult customers more effectively.
  • The time difference between the Philippines and Australia (Sydney) is only 2 hours.



  • There are 40 million Indians looking for work so we can cherry-pick the right person to work for you!
  • It is easy to find staff with excellent technical skills.
  • Hundreds of multinational companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google recruit Indian candidates.